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About the

Tirana Fintech Hive 2022 is the first business platform organized by Elmangos Ventures for new players to connect with the existing stakeholders and explore potential collaboration in Albania and beyond.


Panel Discussions






Thought Leadership

Why should Attend TFH 2022?

TFH2022 will be the perfect  platform for us to share our thoughts  and exchange ideas on how to chart our  journey forward to reach new heights.  Therefore, the event will stimulate  the curious and solution-oriented mind  to prepare ourselves well ahead of the  anticipated challenges in the near and  far future.

Meet our Speakers


Mr. Eduard Shalsi

Chairman of Economy & Finance Committee | Parliament of the Republic of Albania

Prof. Dr . Sokol Abazi

Rector | CIT

Endri Hasa

Secretary for Digital Organization | DP

Abd Elmohaimen Mansi

CEO | Elmangos Ventures & TFH Chair

Vehap Kola

Consultant & Lecturer

Bora Feri

COO | MPay

Amel Kovačević

CEO | United Bank of Albania

Brunilda Isaj

Secretary General | AMA

Christian Canacaris

CEO | Raiffeisen BANK

Lila Canaj

CRO | Tirana Bank

Driton Musolli

Founder & MP | DigitSapiens

Mohamed Anouar

CEO | PayDay Takaful

Hasan Sami bayansar

Deputy CEO | Insha Ventures

Resmi Hibraj

Head of PI Lending & Digital Banking | Raiffeisen bank

Aranit Cenalla

CEO | BROS Capital Ltd

Anisa Berisha

Official Presenter

Sevcan Ekman

Advisor | ALAMI Neobank

Reglend Xhango

Head of Security and Business Continuity Management | Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania

Gentjan Zotaj

Founder | AlLend

Jaiber Rios Giraldo

Security Risk Manager & business Continuity Specialist | Sinteza Co

Dr. Zeynep Stefan


Donald Elmazi PHD

Head of Department Industrial Engineering CIT

Sali Cengu

Head of Cybersecurity Dept | First Group Albania

Akan Ajdini

CEO | IuteCredit

Arlinda Muja

CEO | Kredo

Eneida Thomaj

MD | PayLink

Valbona Guri

Director | Banka Credins

Topics to Discuss


Future of Fintech in Albania

Digital Payment: Transforming the Banking System

Rejuvenating Microfinance through Fintech

SDG: The Role of Ethical Investment & Crowdfunding

Traditional Banking vs Banking as a Service

Cybersecurity: Protecting the Financial Space

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