AMA Partners With TFH 2022

 AMA Partners With TFH 2022

Tirana: Albanian Microfinance Association has officially partnered with Elmangos Ventures, an Innovation enabler and business event-organizer to host the Tirana Fintech Hive (TFH) 2022. The event is to be organized in association with the United Bank of Albania (UBA).

The event is set to take place on November 16, 2022. Tirana Fintech Hive aims to address the scope and resourcefulness of Fintech, along with convening the ecosystem stakeholders in one meeting point.

We see Albania as an excellent venue to host our first fintech initiative for the Balkans. Fintech innovations are rapidly transforming the Global Financial ecosystem and is paving ways for Microfinance Institutions to initiate financial Inclusion. Tirana Fintech Hive will provide a platform for financial institutions, microfinance institutions, and newcomers to showcase their products and solutions while exploring the Albanian financial sector and its potential. Abd Elmohaimen Mansi, the founder and CEO of Elmangos Ventures.


Mr. Mansi met with the Secretary General of Albanian Microfinance Association, Ms. Brunilda Isaj to discuss the importance of expanding Microfinance in Albania during his business trip to Tirana. Mr. Mansi stated: “It is wonderful to see Albanian Microfinance developing at a greater pace and the opportunities arising in the Albanian market due to it.”

We are always happy to support initiatives that encourage innovation in financial services, especially those in microfinance. The upcoming event of Elmangos Ventures is a great opportunity to showcase our developments to date, but also gain experience and new angles coming from the global fintech perspective. – Brunilda Isaj, the Secretary General of Albanian Microfinance Association


The Platform will call forth everything interrelated to the Fintech and Microfinance sector, facilitate discussion, and fashion ground-breaking ideas, solutions, and businesses to deliver innovative financial products and services.

TFH will feature a wide variety of programs, including business exchange, customized panels, and private matching, all under the theme of Untapped Opportunities of Albania.

The event is anticipated to be attended by several industries from prevailing bodies, as well as leading corporations, financial institutions, microfinance institutions, academics, and regulators. In addition, TFH should attract attendance by data and Fintech solutions providers, while focusing on advancement and comprehending that technology remains a key to the future.

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