UBA Leads Tirana FinTech Hive Hosted by Elmangos Ventures

 UBA Leads Tirana FinTech Hive Hosted by Elmangos Ventures

Tirana, Albania: Elmangos Ventures (EV), an innovation enabler and business event organizer, announced its plans to host the Tirana Fintech Hive (TFH) on 16th November, 2022. The event is to be organized in association with the United Bank of Albania (UBA).

The event is set to take place in November 2022. Moreover, it aims to address the scope and resourcefulness of Fintech, along with convening the ecosystem stakeholders in one assembly point.

The Platform will call forth everything interrelated to the Fintech sector, facilitate discussion, and fashion ground-breaking ideas, solutions, and businesses to deliver innovative financial products and services.

TFH will feature a wide variety of programs, including business exchange, customized panels, and private matching, all under the theme of Untapped Opportunities of Albania.

The event is anticipated to be attended by several industries from prevailing bodies, as well as leading corporations, financial institutions, academics and regulators. In addition, TFH should attract attendance by data and Fintech solutions providers, while focusing on advancement and comprehending that technology remains a key to the future.

We see Albania as an excellent venue to host our first fintech initiative for the Balkans. We aim to create a solid networking platform for all relevant parties to engage on, to share ideas, and provide a platform for newcomers to showcase their products and solutions while exploring the Albanian financial sector and its potential. Abd Elmohaimen Mansi, CEO of Elmangos Ventures


Albania is developing at a greater pace. The opportunities in the startup, namely the fintech ecosystem is limitless. But it is evident to meet the right person to seize the right opportunity. Tirana Fintech Hive will be a place for the participants to tackle that issue and UBA is glad to be part of this initiative. UBA will provide support to the ecosystem players within and outside Albania. It is high time for international stakeholders to collaborate and seize the opportunities in Albania. Amel Kovacevic, CEO of United Bank of Albania


About Elmangos

Elmangos Ventures (EV) is an innovation enabler in various markets, it operates as a versatile and inclusive space that specializes in key sectors of the economy and emerging markets. The majority of its projects are conceptualized organically, while a few are created for its clients. Facilitating ecosystem discussions and connecting businesses is one of its foundations. Since its inception, EV has welcomed and partnered with global institutions and  leaders such as ministers, senior officials, governments, investors, and start-ups, with over 4400+ participants online and offline across multiple continents. The other business lines of Elmangos Ventures include Elmangos Connect, Research, Technologies, and Creative.

About UBA

The United Bank of Albania is an Albanian bank that provides banking services with headquarters in Tirana. The bank was founded by the state-owned National Commercial Bank of Albania (NCBA) and a group of Islamic investors. In 2000 NCBA was privatized and its 40% stake in UBA was acquired by the Ministry of Finance. In March 2009 the Ministry of Finance agreed to sell 40% of its shares to the Islamic Development Bank. By striving to organize banking activities in line with the ethical values of Islam, UBA is able to provide unique customer experience to its clients, helping them to save for their families’ futures, expand their businesses or buy their own homes, without compromising their beliefs.

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