Mr. Eduard Shalsi

Chairman of Economy & Finance Committee | Parliament of the Republic of Albania

Mr. Eduard Shalsi was born in Korçë, Albania in 1968. He completed his higher education at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Albania, studying biology and chemistry. He is married and has three children.
Mr. Shalsi first taught biology and chemistry at primary and secondary schools from 1990-1992. He worked in Greece for 3 years, and then returned to Albania to work at Tirana Bank. In 2003, after 7 years in the banking sector, he became the General Manager of INSIG SA, the first insurance company of Albania. A year later, he was appointed as Head of the Mayor Cabinet in the Municipality of Tirana, and from 2007-2009, he was Deputy Mayor of Tirana.
Mr. Shalsi was elected for the first time as Member of the Parliament in 2009 and he has been reelected in 2013, 2017 and 2021, respectively as the MP of the County of Tirana, Berat and Korca. Currently, he is the MP of the county of Tirana.
He has been appointed twice to serve as Minister of the Albanian Government, by firstly serving as Minister for Local Affairs, and then as Minister for the Protection of Entrepreneurship.
Mr.Shalsi was Chair of the Parliamentary Commission on Productive Activities, Trade and Environment, meanwhile he has been at his current position as Chair of the Commission for the Economy and Finances within the Albanian Parliament since 2021.
Among other posts, he has been involved in the EU-Albania Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Committee, from 2004-2007. He is Head of the French-Albanian Parliamentary Friendship Group; Chair of the Albanian Delegation on the South-East European Cooperation Process, as well as Member of the National Council of European Integration.
His hobbies include chess (He is Honorary President of the Albanian Chess Federation), sports and the mandolin. Besides Albanian, he also speaks fluent English, Italian and Greek .